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Looking toward the future, St. Vincent General Hospital District has embraced the concept of a health campus where specialists, primary care, Lake County Public Health Agency, and other health-related offices reside in the old hospital building and synergistically complement services in the adjacent, new hospital facility.

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822 W 4th St.

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St. Vincent Health  >  Dylan Luyten, MD

Dylan Luyten, MD

Senior Leadership Team

Chief of Staff

Dr. Dylan Luyten brings two decades of emergency medicine and leadership experience to St. Vincent. In addition to being a board-certified emergency room physician, Dr. Luyten, who attended medical school at Tufts University in Boston, brings humility, optimism and pragmatism to his practice.

Dr. Luyten also identifies as a maximalist, a philosophy in which he works hard every day to bring the greatest value to his patients. “That doesn’t mean doing every test or procedure,” he says. “Rather, really asking how I can best add value: whether that’s diagnosis, treatment, comfort, education; you name it.”

This Boston-born healer grew up on the water and the beaches of Cape Cod, where his father was an oceanographer in idyllic Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Now, as a Colorado mountain biker and backcountry skier, Dr. Luyten’s lifelong love of the outdoors and the outdoor lifestyle played a big part in his relocation to Lake County. So did Leadville’s community fabric.

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