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PGX testing has given me hope and a new course of treatment

David Sterin service photo

PGX testing has given me hope and a new course of treatment

“I thought I would be sick for the rest of my life.  PGX testing has given me hope and a new course of treatment.”

David Sterin

David Sterin saw six tours of duty during his years in the Army and Marines. From Panama, to Iraq and Afghanistan he gave his best for our country. As a civilian and new resident of Colorado, David‘s life became dominated with doctor appointments and medications for physical and mental-health issues related to his service.

“I barely functioned for years. My doctors kept trying medications. It was a long process while I struggled. It didn’t take long before I was having symptoms caused by medication side effects,” commented David. Symptoms such as insomnia, headache, dry mouth, stomach pain and agitation were with David constantly.

David found psychotherapist, Lyndsey Ryan of Integrating Insights in 2021. Early in his treatment he described that he felt like his body was fighting itself.  Lyndsey recommended Pharmacogenomics testing or PGx to evaluate his prescriptions and how his body metabolizes the medications he was taking.  The PGx test report came back with bold red X’s next to many of David’s prescribed medications.

“I learned that my prescriptions were hurting me. Which I knew at my core – but it was validated in the genetics report,” said David.

“The advancements of weaving PGX and Psychotherapy were able to solve this complex situation with David, and now he has an opportunity to regain parts of his life that he thought he would not be able to experience again,” stated David’s Psychotherapist.

Now, several months since PGx testing, David is off all prescription medications.

He takes one over the counter medication. Though David’s health journey continues – he is confident he will face it with a clear head. If prescription medications are recommended in the future – the choice of meds will be guided by his DNA.

David continued, “I felt at fault when medications didn’t work. Like there was something wrong with me. This testing has helped me to be my own advocate with science and the St. Vincent Health genetics team behind me.  It is very freeing.”

St. Vincent Health Genetics Institute can be reached by calling 719-486-7199. The genetics patient coordinators can assist with referrals, insurance preauthorization and assisiting patient with the entire process.


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