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COVID-19 Vaccinations Begin for 70-Plus


COVID-19 Vaccinations Begin for 70-Plus

Tiered approach to vaccinations has begun in Lake County by age

Lake County Public Health Agency (LCPHA), St. Vincent Health (SVH) and Rocky Mountain Family Practice (RMFP) are collaborating to increase safety and save lives by vaccinating county residents. To prioritize high-risk older residents and to follow the Governor’s directive to vaccinate Coloradans in prioritized groups, St. Vincent Health and Rocky Mountain Family Practice have deployed a unified multiphase plan to vaccinate Lake County residents ages 70 and above.

LCPHA anticipates receiving 100 vaccinations per week and will distribute them to the two medical offices. As vaccine supplies reach Lake County, the two clinics will call their patients to schedule vaccination appointments.  If vaccine demand is greater than supply patients may be put on a waiting list. Vaccination appointments will be available over the next several weeks beginning with residents ages 90-plus and descending to age 70. If you are a patient of SVH or RMFP in these age groups they will call you to make a vaccination appointment.

Lake County residents who are 70 or over and not a patient at St. Vincent Health or Rocky Mountain Family Practice should call the medical offices to request an appointment. Anyone with questions about the vaccination related to their personal health should contact their primary care provider.

“The overarching goal is to vaccinate our entire 70-plus population by the end of February. This is a fluid process with many variables. As we pursue this goal with our partners we will communicate often and widely to maximize our residents’ opportunity to receive the vaccination,” stated Brett Antczak, CEO of St. Vincent Health.

All Lake County residents are encouraged to receive the vaccine as it becomes available. COVID-19 vaccination can end the pandemic and save lives. Until vaccines are widely available, continue to avoid in-person interactions, physically distance from others, wash your hands frequently and wear a mask.

Facts and resources:

  • Vincent Medical Clinic (719) 486-1264
  • Rocky Mountain Family Practice (719) 486-0500
  • Lake County Office of Emergency Management Vaccine Plan
  • Vaccinations for Lake County residents – ages 70-plus will be administered by appointment at St. Vincent Health and Rocky Mountain Family Practice.
  • It is imperative that patients who make appointments for the vaccine keep the appointments to eliminate vaccine spoilage and waste.
  • The office visit associated with the vaccination will be billed to the patient’s insurance. The vaccination is free. Uninsured patients will not be billed for the office visit. Financial assistance for uninsured individuals is available to SVH and RMFP through grant funds.
  • Patients should expect to wait at the hospital or clinic for a minimum of 15 minutes for observation after they receive the vaccine.
  • People with transportation or mobility issues may be eligible for a home visit for vaccination.
  • A second “booster” vaccination is necessary on the 29th day, or after, following the patient’s first vaccination. That booster appointment will be scheduled on the day of the first vaccination.
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